Thank You Malta!
Communication Team
Communication Team

August 27, 2021


Thank You Malta!

We just want to give Malta a big warm hug! Thank you for supporting us, for welcoming wamo onto your phones and into your businesses as you have. It has given us the launch pad we needed to get wamo flying - and now flying we are!

We launched in November 2020 to solve a problem: opening a bank account can be difficult, tedious and for some people downright impossible. We knew that this should no longer be the case given the technology we have right here on our smartphones today. Plus, with our QR technology we were able to offer something extra: an alternative and totally touch-free and free-free way for merchants to make and take payments using only their mobile phones.

This month (August) we reached our first milestone of 1200 active accounts and a 10M monthly turnover which after so much hard work we were very happy to celebrate as a team. We’ve loved getting all the positive feedback from merchants and customers alike and loved looking at all the social media shares of pics of wamo being used in shops, hotels, taxis, you name it - all over the country. Thank you, Malta!

The Times of Malta gave us a fantastic shout-out at the beginning of August pointing out how well wamo is able to support the new emerging needs of Maltese SMEs.

We were also very pleased to be put on the list of suggested partners.

So what’s next for us? Maybe you will see one of our friendly team members around over the coming month as we hit the streets on a mission to empower micro-and-small businesses with real-time payments plus banking with a twist.

We know that micro-and-small businesses now expect the same ease and simplicity in their banking and payments as they get in their experience as consumers - and we are very happy to be able to provide just that. Which is why we leveraged Revolut into wamo meaning we can provide real-time account-to-account payments via Revolut consumers to wamo merchants.

As a sign-off to a fantastic month our big news to finish with is that Apple Pay is now live on wamo! Merchants and consumers who already have wamo can simply update the wamo app and Apple Pay will be automatically integrated.

Malta, we love you, and we’ll see you in a shop, a taxi, a restaurant, bar or cafe… well, we’ll see you everywhere, soon!

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