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wamo has integrated Apple Pay, and will make contactless transactions easier and faster

January 3rd 2022

October 11, 2021

We're e-Residents! And you should be too....

This month wamo became an e-Residency marketplace member. Which is excellent news for us and if you’re an entrepreneurial individual or a small business with big dreams… e-Residency is based in Estonia making it the first ever country to offer government-issued digital identities (e-residencies) and status making it possible to access Estonia’s e-services and transparent business landscape.

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September 21, 2021

Press Releases

wamo has integrated Apple Pay, and will make contactless transactions easier and faster

Fintech startup wamo has integrated Apple Pay into its mobile app to expedite its customers' capability to perform contactless transactions.

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September 02, 2021

wamo, Now With Added Apple!

In Malta there are two new favourite ways to pay for things: the first is through Revolut and the second is using Apple Pay. So we are very pleased to be able to offer both of these payment options to our customers, and especially to our micro and small business owners who we are so passionate about championing.

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August 27, 2021

Thank You Malta!

We just want to give Malta a big warm hug! Thank you for supporting us, for welcoming wamo onto your phones and into your businesses as you have. It has given us the launch pad we needed to get wamo flying - and now flying we are!

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August 04, 2021

B2B payments – the future is here.

As things stand, B2B payments are a buyers market. That is, with all the current B2B payment options available the buyer is the one who benefits – the merchant must wait from days to weeks for a payment to arrive in their account while the buyer enjoys more time with the cash in theirs.

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July 27, 2021 Lifestyle

Thinking Malta for your summer vacay? Here’s what you need to know.

UK visitors must show proof that they have been doubly vaccinated with the last dose received at least two weeks before arriving.

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July 19, 2021

Press Releases

wamo starts operations in Europe, expecting to sign up 10.000 new SME clients in 2021

Digital financial institution wamo has started operations in Europe where it expects to attract 10,000 customers before the end of 2021.

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July 12, 2021 Lifestyle

What are the main problems of small businesses for payments and cash flow?

The global pandemic made touching cash, POS machines - and each other in the exchange – hugely problematic almost overnight. Small businesses that didn’t yet take contactless payments had to move quickly to keep their businesses viable. Luckily, crisis breeds innovation and agile fintech companies moved swiftly to meet these new and urgent needs.

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June 28, 2021 Lifestyle

What’s the fuss about QR payments?

When was the first time you used a QR code to pay for something? Our guess is, recently, and maybe you’ve started to notice the little squares all over the place. The humble QR has been around for 26 years, waiting in the wings for its moment – which certainly came with a bang in 2020.

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May 21, 2021 Lifestyle

The key to building brand loyalty in fintech.

Consumer-facing payment system Wamo is another good example of a brand that cuts through complexity to offer simple solutions to day-to-day problems. The strategy presents Wamo as empowering; it's bright and positive, offering to help people stay on top of their finances safely and securely. It's easy and takes away any sense of panic and confusion.

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May 03, 2021 Lifestyle

How to Open a Bank Account in Malta

Whether as an individual or a business, you will need a bank account in order to be in Malta long-term. For individuals who have a satisfactory credit rating and have not ever been declared bankrupt, opening an account is straightforward if time-consuming.

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April 26, 2021 Lifestyle

How to start a business in Malta

Malta is not only a beautiful place to live with a high quality work force and a balanced work-life culture, it is also very business-friendly – after all, it’s one of the fastest growing economies in Europe. It promotes professionalism and regulation and offers very attractive tax benefits.

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March 01, 2021

Send money from Malta now, with wamo.

You’ve been asking for it and so we are super pleased to say, international convert and send is here! Ready for you to send your money wherever in the world you want it to go, from the safety of your phone.

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February 03, 2021 Lifestyle

Dream about starting a business or owning property in Malta? This changes everything…

Buying property or starting a business in Malta (or both) is hugely appealing for many reasons: low set up costs, attractive tax rates and incentives and a flexible, resourceful work force.

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January 22, 2021 Lifestyle

Brave the new world for small businesses, with wamo.

A lot can happen in a year. Since March the way we live and work has changed dramatically. Working from home is the new normal with many companies taking the decision to continue having employees work from home post-COVID. In fact, according to some reports, a quarter of British employees could end up with no commute required going forward. That’s huge. Remember when it was “working” from home, with a wink and air quotes?

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January 12, 2021 Lifestyle

Yes, you should have a separate business banking account. Here's why.

When you’re starting your own business or if you’re a freelancer or small business owner, it’s tempting to use your personal bank account rather than opening a separate one.

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December 31, 2020 Lifestyle

Happy New Year’s Resolution!

It’s fair to say that most of us can’t wait to see the back of 2020. It’s been a challenging time, but let’s resolve to focus on the positives.

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December 22, 2020 Lifestyle

Are we withdrawing from ATMs?

There are 405 ATMs in Malta which may not sound like a lot but is 47% more ATMs per capita than the rest of the Euro area. Malta is a small country, 27km long and 14.5km wide, in fact.

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December 15, 2020 Lifestyle

8 ways to save money and raise spirits this Christmas.

In a year that has really brought home the importance of connection, of family and friends, of kind gestures and looking out for one another, celebrating the Christmas spirit is perhaps a bit more meaningful this year. It’s a good year to take the focus away from money and spending and onto the other pleasures the season offers.

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December 04, 2020

Press Releases launches in Malta with sights set on rest of Europe next.

The app is a financial management and organisation platform designed for individuals, and businesses of all sizes.

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December 02, 2020 Lifestyle

We’re in Malta for Christmas and we recommend it!

As we all get ready for a Christmas unlike any that has gone before, we at wamo find ourselves in Malta where we launched the wamo app in November. If you’re considering heading this way for the holidays we don’t blame you - there’s a lot to tempt a Christmas fan

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