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Money like a high five

A happy exchange when everybody’s in – just like wamo.

Money like a kiss on both cheeks

Made in Europe but enjoyed everywhere – just like wamo.

Money like a firm handshake

A connection well made – just like wamo.

Money like a fist-bump

When it’s all good – just like wamo.

Money like a hug with some back slaps

Bringing friends and loved ones closer – just like wamo.

Money like a mic-drop

When you’ve done something better than anything that’s gone before – just like wamo

Money like a kiss goodnight

A little reminder that you’re safe and sound – just like wamo


An advanced money app that’s hybrid and social.

Using wamo to manage your money is fast, free and easy – both in regular currency and crypto. Stay connected, be universal. All you’ll need is your phone and other people.

We believe in fair exchanges between people

and in the power of smart phones to change money for the better.

Phone Transfer Image

All your accounts and wallets in one place. No need for cards or cash.

Your choice

Use your preferred currency including crypto, without fees or conversion losses.

Keep up

Set up recurring payments in your choice of currency from your preferred account or wallet

So social

Split bills and send money anywhere (in your preferred currency, including crypto).

Be safe

Stay secure with the best protection technology has to offer.

Rest easy

Your cryptyo kept at a licenced custodian and fully insured.

Scan and go!

Your business is your business. With wamo you’ll have access to more people in more currencies including crypto. wamo is ready to take you places.

wamo is coming and everyone’s in