An advanced money app
that plays well with others.

Using wamo to manage your money is fast, free and easy - wherever you are and however you want to pay. Stay connected; be universal. All you need is your phone and other people.

We believe in fair exchanges between people

… and in the power of smart phones to change money for the better.



All your accounts in one place. No need to leave the wamo app. No need for cards or cash.

Your choice

Your choice

Use the currency of your choice without fees or conversion losses.

Keep up

Keep up

Set up recurring payments from your preferred account in the currency you choose.

So social

So social

Send money to family and friends wherever they are in the world - in an instant.

Be safe

Be safe

Stay secure with the best protection technology has to offer.

Rest easy

Rest easy

Set limits and get instant notifications. Think of wamo as your personal financial control centre.


Global, scalable accounts and payments capabilities - in minutes.

Forget verticals, forget banks, forget challengers. Forget fees. Forget being limited to accepting only certain payment types and currencies. Think horizontal. Think connection, collaboration; think having the ability to take any payment, from anyone, anywhere - effortlessly. Think wamo.

So fast, so easy

Set up in 5 minutes with 5 lines of code. wamo is a ready-made complete solution for all your payment needs. Finally!

Download the app

From the Play or App stores.

Tell us about your company

Share a few details.

Scan your ID and take a selfie

We will make sure you are you!

Sit back and relax

Your account will be approved in minutes.

You're ready to go!

Your account is ready to use, we’ll get your card to you in a couple of days.*

*Terms & conditions apply.

Unlimit your business

Take and make payments using any available alternative payment method in whichever currency you and your customers choose, all in one place. Hello freedom!

Your banking control centre

wamo brings you more ways to pay and get paid with seamless banking all in one place.

Don’t pay more for more

We like to keep things very simple. wamo charges a subscription on a sliding scale depending on the size of your business. That's it.

PCI & GDPR compliant

There is absolutely no need to choose between the best security and the most innovative tech. We’re committed to exceeding the highest global data security standards.

Fully customizable

Build your own solution with unlimited possibilities or we can build it for you. Either way, it’s effortless and it will work like magic.

wamo is coming and everyone’s in

wamo connects and leverages already working systems. Partnerships are game changing, so join us.

Rest easy
Rest easy
Rest easy
Rest easy
Rest easy
Rest easy

Want your money made easy?

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